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Naill Imagine:I hate you

You pretended not to notice but you couldn’t just couldn’t. The way he looked at her, smiled at her was unreal. Even though he had told you nothing was going on you still had a feeling he was into her. You just put on a brave smile to hide your pain.

"Ok bye Demi!" Niall said giving Demi a hug and a kiss on the cheek while you, stood awkwardly.

"Bye Niall I’ll see you around." Demi replyed as you and Niall walked to Niall’s car. You sat down on the passenger seat and leaned your forehead against the window. Niall got in and started driving. You looked out of the window at  night time london. As you exhaled a build-up of steam formed. You started drawing a heart and then making it look broken. You sighed sadly and Niall noticed.

"Whats wrong Y/N?" Niall asked.

"No." You shook your head.

"Come on I’ve known long Enough to Know your upset. " Niall said Placing his hand On your lap.

"God Niall! I said I’m fine just drop it." You hissed as you crossing your right leg over your left Shaking of his hand at the same time.

"god Y/N chill." Niall hissed as he parked the car in the drive way.

You Walked out and into the house. You walked into your shared room and changed into some sweats and a hoody.

you walked to the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Baby what ‘s for dinner?"Niall asked. You rolled your eyes. He always expected you to make dinner and it makes you Feel like a maid.

"Go get Demi to do it! ” You hissed.

"what?!"Niall shouted.

"You fucking heard me. I’m not your maid!" You cussed. You stood up read to srorm out.

"What the fuck who ever said you could bring Demi into this!?" Niall retorted grabbing my wrist and standing up whilst towering over me.

"Oh you should see how you look at her. Some times I honestly believe you don’t love me and only Demi!" I shouted shaking my hand out of his.

"I love you and not Demi." Niall said looking at his feet.

"Say it to my face Niall, look me in the fuck eyes and say you love me!" You yelled tears threatening to fall.

"I I…" Niall stamered his eyes falling back to the floor. Suddenly your hand met his cheek. You had just slapped him.

"Go fuck Demi!" You yelled before running out. You ran and ran until you were ouside Sophia’s house. You knocked on her which drainded most of your energy. Sophia opened the door and saw your tear staind cheeks and blood shot eyes.

"Aww babe what happened!?" Sophia exclaimed…









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Bad girls Chapter 2: High

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

Louis managed to get me to his house and insisted on helping me clean up.

I sat on the stool at the breakfast bar as louis came back into the kitchen witha first aid kit. He took out some special wips and ran it gently across my bleeding wound.

"So louis I’ve never seen you around." I stated as he walked over to his bin throwing away the bloody wip.

"I just moved in from the other side of leeds." He said taking a plaster (bandage) out from the box, "So what happened back then. I saw you crying."

I looked at my baby blue vans and sighed, ” My dickhead of an ex cheated on me. But you know plenty more fish in the sea! Hey you know what do you want to come to this awsome party?” I asked quickly changing the subject.

"Sure when and where?" Louis questioned.

"It starts at 8 and ends once everyones left. I’ll pick you up." I said giving him a small smile.

"You wanna play 21 questions?" Louis asked.

"Sure sounds fun." I replied happily.

"Where do you live?" Louis asked as we walked to the living room.

"Actually I live two houses away from you." I smirked.

"Wow, great. Do you go to collage or uni?"

"I go to leeds university."

"Really?! I’m starting there on monday." Louis stated.

"Cool. How old are you?" I asked.

"21 turning 22 this december you?" He asked.

"19 turning 20 in 2 weeks." I smiled. We continued to talk for the next hour or so.

"I think I’ve got to go so I can get ready for the party." I said getting up, "But here’s my number." I said writing my number on his hand. Louis showed me to the door.

"Bye (Y/N)." Louis waved at me. I yelled bye back and walked back to my house.

"Mel i’m home!" I yelled. She came running to me and then raised her eye brow.

"Wheres Max I thought he was coming over for dinner?" Mel asked.

"Well Max decided to be a douche and cheat on me with Jenna." I hissed.

"Aww I’m sorry at least he’s not coming to the party tonight." Melissa frowned as we walked up the stairs.

"Oh and talking about the party I’ve invited this really cool guy he’s name is louis." I said as we stepped into my bedroom.

"Ooo sonds like someone gonna get a little something tonight!" My sister ‘ooed’ as I slapped her arm.

"Shut up! Anyway he’s got this long distance relationship thing with some girl called eleanor."

I went to my closet and grabbed my favorite dress. It was a tight red dress that had a V-neck that showed off a bit of cleavage. I grabbed some black tights and my loubutons, which I worked my freaking ass of at a cafe and beauty shop.

"(Y/N) can I borrow one of your dresses?" Mel asked putting on her pink lipstick.

"Sure." I mumbled through the velvety fabric as I pulled my dress over my head. I pulled my tights up and slipped into my heels. I walked over to my make-up bag. I sat next to on the dressing table and applied some make up. The only noticable difference was that I had cherry red hair, a few tattoos on me and a piercing on my bottom lip. I got the tom boy/punk gene but in melissa’s case she was given the girly gene.

I waddled over to my bedside table and grabbed my black clutch and car keys.

"Mel I’m going to pick up louis. I’ll probably be back by the time you’ve finished getting ready." I said walking over to the door.

"Mm mmmm. Mmm mmmm" She humbed as she rubbed her lups together trying to spread her ruby red lip stick.

"What?" I asked clearly confused.

"I said ok (Y/N). Be quick." Melissa said like I was surposed to know. I rolled my eyes and left our house.

I walked down our mainly university student road to louis’.

I approched his white door and knocked on it. Seconds later I heard a few stumbles and curses the the door opened.

He was wearing a white tank top and black  skinny jeans with grey vans. I think I must have been staring for a while because louis started waving his hand infront of me.

"(Y/N)!" Louis said waving his hand in my face. I instently snapped out of my gaze and I blushed like crazy and looked down at my heels, "You look lovely." Louis complimented.

"You to." I replied as we walked up to my car. I knocked o  the front passenger seat window where melissa was sat and she opened the door, "Melissa, louis, louis, melissa." I said as they both shook hands.

"Nice to meet you melissa. (Y/N)’s told me about you." Louid laughed awkwardly as we got into the car.

"Lets get to the party!" Melissa shouted as we set off making me and louis burst out in laughter.

(Louis’ P.O.V)

We got out of the car and walked into a massive house with music pounding out of it.

"Lets go find harry and you can talk to him." (Y/N) shouted over super base by Nikki minaj. I nodded my head and followed her up a stair case.

She gripped the handle of a room and looked at me with a reasuring smile. She opened the door and a wall of smoke hit me. I can tell what that smell was- it was the smell of weed and someother drugs.

"Hey harry!" (Y/N) said hugging him, "have you met louis?"

"Hey man I’m harry." He said shaking my hand.

"Hey I’m louis." I said as I followed him off to a table in the corner of the room. (Y/N) was sat talking to this blonde guy on one of the chairs.

"So louis have you ever tried any sort of drugs?" Harry asked me.

"I’ve only tried weed and crack." I said nodding my head.

"Zayn!Bring me some weed!" Harry yelled as a boy with black hair came with a bag of weed. Harry took two pieces of rolling paper and placed a good amount of weed on both. He then took one to his lips and licked it then rolling it up. He did the same with other and passed it to me. He placed it inbetween his lips and set it alight slowly taking a drag of it. (Y/N) walked up to us and looked slightly disapointed.

"Hey you should’ve told me!" She pouted.

"Here have some of mine." Harry said as she took it from him. She sucked some up and exhaled as a puff of white smoke covered her face.

"Lets get this party started!" (Y/N) shouted as everyone cheered…

A/N hi sorry this took so long to publish its that I’ve moved school and its stressing me the fuck out! But atleast the bulling is not as worse.

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